ZymoPURE 96 Plasmid Miniprep Kit

The ZymoPURE™ 96 Plasmid Miniprep Kit features a high-throughput method for the purification of up to 100 µg of ultra-pure transfection-grade plasmid DNA using a vacuum manifold or centrifuge
Zymo-Seq ATAC Library Kit

ymo-Seq ATAC Library Kit provides a simple and streamlined workflow for Assay for Transposase Accessible Chromatin with high throughput Sequencing (ATAC-Seq) library preparation from mammalian cell and tissue input. This all-inclusive kit features an easy to follow protocol capable of preparing ATAC-Seq libraries from as little as 50,000 cells in as little as 4 hours with minimal hands on time.
Zymo-Seq WGBS Library Kit

Zymo-Seq WGBS Library Kit is the only kit available for whole genome bisulfite (WGBS) library preparation in a single tube. Zymo-Seq WGBS Library Kit incorporates tagmentation technology to eliminate the tedious fragmentation, enzymatic, and clean-up steps required by conventional, ...
Zymo-Seq miRNA Library Kit

The Zymo-Seq™ miRNA Library Kit is an innovative small RNA sequencing library prep kit that uses a single-adapter and circularization strategy to reduce ligation bias and provide accurate small RNA profiling from cell-free RNA (cfRNA) and total RNA. This simple, streamlined workflow minimizes hands-on time and uses gel-free removal of adapter dimers to generate stranded small RNA libraries from plasma, biofluids, cells, tissues, and more.
DNA Clean & Concentrator MagBead Kit

The DNA Clean & Concentrator MagBead Kit is magnetic bead based clean-up kit that can purify DNA from PCR, enzymatic reactions, impure extractions, and other sources. The MagBinding Bead technology provides a rapid and scalable workflow that can be adapted for low to high-throughput automated method for purification and concentration of DNA.
Quick-16S Plus NGS Library Prep Kit (V4)

The Quick-16S Plus NGS Library Prep Kit (V4) is the fastest and simplest NGS library prep targeting the V4 region of the 16S rRNA gene for high-throughput sequencing. The automation-friendly protocol utilizes a premixed amplification plate and a single qPCR/PCR for combined targeted amplification and barcode addition. Pooling by equal volume and a single clean-up of the final library, rather than massive AMPure® bead-based clean-ups, simplifies the library prep process. Additional library quantification analysis such as TapeStation® analysis or gel electrophoresis are not necessary. With these features, the workflow dramatically reduces the hands-on time of library preparation to only 30 minutes.

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