The AgriStrip, a swift one-step assay created and produced by BIOREBA, relies on lateral flow immunochromatography technology. This AgriStrip test has been designed to verify the existence of a plant pathogen in samples displaying suspicious symptoms. It is conveniently offered in both a two-set and a single kit format.

AgriStrip Set

AgriStrips25 pcs.100 pcs.
AgriStrip Extraction buffer
100 ml500 ml
AgriStrip Complete Kit
AgriStrips25 pcs.
AgriStrip Extraction buffer
100 ml
Disposable pipettes25 pcs.
Extraction bags25 pcs.
Disposable cuvettes25 pcs.
Cuvette rack,
holds 12 cuvettes
  1 pcs.
Optional Product
The homogenizer hand model is optional and not included in the “AgriStrip Complete Kit”.
ProductArt. No.Quantity
Homogenizer hand model400010    1
Extraction Bags “Universal”430100100
Cuvette rack, holds 12 cuvettes    2166    1
Cuvettes, disponible    2534100
Pipettes, disponible    2292500


The performance of the test is very easy and there is no need for special laboratory equipment. Therefore, the AgriStrip is especially suitable when on-site testing is required, such as in greenhouses or fields.

Test Procedure and Results

A sample with suspicious symptoms is homogenized and a few drops of the homogenate are transferred to a cuvette.
The strip is dipped into the extract and the result can be read within a few minutes.
A positive result is seen as a colored band at the test line, whereas the colored band at the control line should always appear.
Test strips can be kept as permanent records.

Watch Video: AgriStrip Classic