Extraction Bags

Bioreba homogenization system comprises four distinct extraction bags, each available with or without a synthetic intermediate layer:

  1. Universal Extraction Bags: 12 x 15 cm
  2. U-Form Universal Extraction Bags: 12 x 15 cm
  3. Long Universal Extraction Bags: 15 x 28 cm
  4. Long Extraction Bags: 15 x 40 cm

BIOREBA’s extraction bags are well-suited for tissue extraction, specifically designed for use in ELISA and PCR applications.

Each unit comprises 100 bags. To purchase 1000 bags (a full box), simply place an order for the Extraction bag item 10 times.

The characteristics of BIOREBA extraction bags are:

– Optimal sampling and sample preparation (samples can be labeled and stored)
– Optimal homogenization
– Optimal filtration of the plant extracts (bags with synthetic intermediate layer)
– Optimal recovery of the plant sap
– No cross-contamination between test samples
– Optimal for homogenizing with our HOMEX system
– Suitable for homogenizing leaves, sprouts, roots, seeds, woody samples, sieved soil