Building Blocks

The Building Blocks (BB) collection currently contains
over 13200+ natural and synthetic in-stock-available building blocks.

The classification of the Building Blocks is indicated in the following fields.

  • PA  Primary Amines
  • SA  Secondary Amines
  • AL  Alcohols
  • AK  Aldehydes & Ketones
  • CA  Carboxylic Acids
  • ES  Esters
  • AN  Anhydrides & Haloanhydrides
  • PH  Phenols
  • AA  Aminoacids & their derivatives
  • PE  Peptides & their derivatives
  • CH  Carbohydrates & their derivatives
  • NU  Nucleotides & Nucleosides
  • ST  Steroids & Terpenoids
  • HAE  Haloid Alkyles & Epoxydes
  • SH  Thiols
  • OCC  Other Chemical Classes or Polyfunctional reagents
  • HY  Hydrazines & Hydrazones
  • IC  Isocyanates
  • ITC  Isothiocyanates
  • SC  Sulfochlorides

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