Established in 2007, BIOLINKK is a seasoned and knowledgeable company that offers cutting-edge technologies of the utmost quality in the life science market across India. We supply exceptional reagents, consumables, and equipment for Cell Biology, Genomics, and Protein Analysis. Our devoted team of enthusiastic and adaptable individuals tailors solutions for our customers, including service support. 

RPA. The versatile PCR replacement.

Biolinkk is the exclusive distributor of TwistDx products in India, specializing in cutting-edge molecular biology solutions.

Milenia HybriDetect - The Tool for Simple Rapid Test Development

HybriDetect is a ready-to-use, universal test strip (dipstick) based on lateral flow technology using gold particles. The dipstick can be used to develop qualitative or quantitative rapid test systems for a wide range of analytes such as antibodies, gene amplification products or proteins. 

Biolinkk is sole distributor of Milenia Biotech Products in India.

NimaGen, a well-recognized provider of pre-designed and customized reagents and workflow solutions for genomic science, has selected Biolinkk as new distributor for Northern India of its Sanger and Next-Gen Sequencing portfolio.



During the 7 years that we have worked with Biolinkk as our regional distributor in India they have been well-planned and goal-oriented partners with Solis BioDyne, who always offer excellent customer service and ensure great customer satisfaction.

Carolin Kuuskmäe

Marketing Specialist