Established in 2007, BIOLINKK is a seasoned and knowledgeable company that offers cutting-edge technologies of the utmost quality in the life science market across India. 

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We supply exceptional reagents, consumables, and equipment for Cell Biology, Genomics, and Protein Analysis. Our devoted team of enthusiastic and adaptable individuals tailors solutions for our customers, including service support. 

Biolinkk is Distributor of Thermo Fisher Division for Spectroscopy, Flow Analysis, and X-Ray Analyzers

We are thrilled to announce that a prominent player in the scientific equipment industry, Thermofisher, appointed us as distributor of Thermo Fisher’s Equipment divisions of Spectroscopy, Flow Analysis, and X-Ray Analyzers. This strategic partnership brings together two leading forces in the field, promising to deliver cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise to researchers, laboratories, and industries worldwide.


Instruments designed to determine the physical and electronic structure of matter at atomic/molecular/macro levels by analyzing interactions between matter and electromagnetic radiation as a function of the wavelength or frequency of the radiation.

X-Ray Analyzers

Instruments, devices, and accessories that employ a variety of x-radiation techniques to perform accurate material characterization and sample analysis. Products include spectrometers, hand-held and benchtop analyzers, and supporting software.

Flow Analysis

low analysis products are designed for the surveillance or measurement of various flow characteristics..

DNA RNA Epigenetics Microbiomics Sample Collection NGS Library Prep Kits E. coli Yeast Protein & Enzymes Columns & Plastics Devices & Instruments

ZymoPURE Endotoxin-Free Plasmid Purification Kits

Direct-zol RNA Purification Kits

The #1 Most Cited Fecal Collection Technologies




During the 7 years that we have worked with Biolinkk as our regional distributor in India they have been well-planned and goal-oriented partners with Solis BioDyne, who always offer excellent customer service and ensure great customer satisfaction.

Carolin Kuuskmäe

Marketing Specialist

Biolinkk has been a representative of Molecular Research Center, Inc in India since 2008. We are very pleased with their performance and can recommend them as a competent partner in the global business world.

Shirley Pohlman

Molecular Research Center, Inc.

With the all-time fast response customer service and tech support, Biolinkk successfully makes their company stand out from a very competitive market. We believe Biolinkk can provide the best shopping experience for all our customers in India.

Wei "Amanda" Mao

Apex Biotechnology LLC

We have worked with Biolinkk for over five years in the promotion of our Benchtop equipment. They have always provided a great deal of focus and knowledge related to our products as well as an exceptional level of support.

Tony Demsia

Marketing Specialist

Professional, aggressive! Customer First! Always bear in mind the interest of the customers.


Blue-ray Biotech Corporation

Get expert recommendations for common problems or connect directly with an on staff expert for technical assistance related to applications, equipment and general product use.

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