Literature References citing the use of Milenia® HybriDetect

Literature References citing the use of Milenia® HybriDetect

Author: Milenia Biotec

The Milenia HybriDetect is a universal lateral flow platform that allows researchers all over the world an individual simple rapid test development. Today Milenia® HybriDetect is frequently cited in almost 200 peer reviewed publications, including high impact journals such as Nature or Science.

Discovery and Characterization of Spike N-Terminal Domain-Binding Aptamers for Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Detection

Author: Nataly Kacherovsky, Lucy F. Yang, Ha V. Dang, Emmeline L. Cheng, Ian I. Cardle, Alexandra C. Walls, Matthew McCallum, Drew L. Sellers, Frank DiMaio, Stephen J. Salipante, Davide Corti, David Veesler,and Suzie H. Pun

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has devastated families and disrupted healthcare, economies and societies across the globe. Molecular recognition agents that are specific for distinct viral proteins are critical components for rapid diagnostics and targeted therapeutics. In this work, we demonstrate the selection of novel DNA aptamers that bind to the SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein with high specificity and affinity (< 80 nM)… read more

A Semi-Quantitative Isothermal Diagnostic Assay Utilizing
Competitive Amplification

Author: Christopher P. Mancuso, Zhi-Xiang Lu, Jason QianSarah A. Boswell, and Michael Springer

Quantitative diagnostics that are rapid, inexpensive, sensitive,
robust, and field-deployable are needed to contain the spread of infectious
diseases and inform treatment strategies. While current gold-standard
techniques are highly sensitive and quantitative, they are slow and require
expensive equipment. Conversely, current rapid field-deployable assays
available provide essentially binary information about the presence of the
target analyte, not a quantitative measure of concentration…. read more