Minute™ Yeast Mitochondria Enrichment Kit (50 Preps)

Minute™ Yeast Mitochondria Enrichment Kit (50 Preps)

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Traditional protocol for yeast mitochondria isolation/extraction involves a range of centrifugation-based sub-cellular fractionation procedures. Typically, the techniques include spheroplast preparation, glass-bead lysis using a homogenization instrument, differential centrifugation and several density gradient procedures using a variety of gradient media with ultracentrifugation. The procedures are very tedious and time-consuming. We feature a simple and efficient protocol for yeast mitochondria enrichment. The procedure is gentle and instrument free. Native mitochondrial proteins can be isolated from yeast in about one hour without ultracentrifugation. This kit contains optimized detergent-free protein extraction buffers. The protein yield is in the range of 150-250 μg/sample. The materials provided are sufficient for 50 extractions.

Kit Includes

Items Quantity
Buffer A 20 ml
Buffer B 8 ml
Protein Extraction Filter Cartridges 50 Units
Collection Tubes with caps 50 Units
Plastic Rods 2 Units


1. Yamashita, K., Miyazaki, T., Fukuda, Y., Mitsuyama, J., Saijo, T., Shimamura, S., ... & Kohno, S. (2019). The novel arylamidine T-2307 selectively disrupts yeast mitochondrial function by inhibiting respiratory chain complexes. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, AAC-00374.

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