Minute™ Detergent-Free Protein Extraction Kit (For Animal Cultured Cells and Tissues) (50 Preps)

Minute™ Detergent-Free Protein Extraction Kit (For Animal Cultured Cells and Tissues) (50 Preps)

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Minute™ Detergent-Free Total Protein Extraction Kit is composed of optimized cell lysis buffer and protein extraction filter cartridges with 2.0 ml collection tubes. The kit is designed to quickly extract detergent-free total proteins from cultured cells (insect/mammalian/other cultured cells) and animal tissues. The protein extraction buffers do not contain any detergent and EDTA. The extraction volume can be as small as 20 μl and as large as 500 μl with the use of the protein extraction filter cartridges. When available starting material is a limiting factor, this can be quite useful. Detergent-free total proteins can be extracted from cultured cells/tissues in less than 5 minutes with high yield (1-5 mg/ml).

Figure 1. Comparison of protein profiles of different animal tissues extracted by denaturing lysis buffer and detergent-free extraction buffer. Lane 1: Drosophila cultured cells (SL2); Lane 2: Adult Drosophila flies; Lane 3: Gold fish muscle; Lane 4: Mouse liver. Extracted proteins were seperated in 10% SDS-PAGE and stained with Comassie blue.

Kit Includes

Items Quantity
Buffer A 15 ml
Buffer A 15 ml
Protein Extraction Filter Cartridges 50 units
Collection Tubes with Caps 50 units
Plastic Rods 2 units


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