Minute™ Detergent-Free Nuclear Matrix Protein Extraction Kit (For Mammalian Cultured Cells/Tissues) (20 Preps)

Minute™ Detergent-Free Nuclear Matrix Protein Extraction Kit (For Mammalian Cultured Cells/Tissues) (20 Preps)

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Nucleoplasm, also referred to as karyoplasm/nucleus sap, consists of chromosomes, nucleolus and nuclear matrix. Nucleoplasm plays a central role in genetic information flow and regulation of gene expression. Nuclear protein isolation has traditionally been accomplished by extraction protocol using detergent-containing buffers, which is effective in extracting total nuclear proteins but unable to separate membrane-bound proteins and water-soluble matrix proteins. The detergent-free nuclear matrix protein extraction kit is designed to separate cellular protein into three fractions: cytosolic, nuclear matrix and water-insoluble fractions (mainly envelope and nucleic acid-associated proteins) using a patented spin-column-based technology. The buffers used are detergent and EDTA-free. The whole protocol can be completed in less than 1 hour. The proteins extracted are in their native state and can be used in many downstream applications such as gel retardation, transcription factor analysis, apoptosis and protein trafficking studies.

Kit Includes

Items Quantity
Buffer A 30 ml
Buffer B 5 ml
Protein Extraction Filter Cartridges 20 units
Collection Tubes 20 units
Plastic Rods 2 units



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