Microbial Sample Collection

Microbial Sample Collection

Choose from a selection of products for easy and effective collection of microbial samples, including efficient storage of samples.

Fecal Collection

Sample Collection

DNA/RNA Shield Collection Tube w/ Swab

R1106, R1107, R1108, R1109

Swab collection tube and transport medium for proper sample collection and stabilization

DNA/RNA Shield Lysis & Collection Tubes

R1102, R1103, R1104, R1105

DNA/RNA transport tubes for any sample ready for homogenization.

DNA/RNA Shield

R1100-25, R1100-50, R1100-125, R1100-250

DNA/RNA transport medium for any sample

DNA/RNA Shield Saliva Collection Kit


DNA/RNA transport medium for saliva

Urine Conditioning Buffer


Sample transport medium for urine