DNA/RNA Shield

DNA/RNA transport medium for any sample


DNA/RNA Shield reagent is a DNA and RNA stabilization solution for nucleic acids in any biological sample. This DNA and RNA stabilization solution preserves the genetic integrity and expression profiles of samples at ambient temperatures and completely inactivates infectious agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi, & parasites). The unique DNA and RNA stabilization solution also prevents degradation from freeze-thaw cycling and unexpected freezer failures.

Technical Specifications

Applicable For Next-Generation Sequencing, qPCR, microarray.
Device Specs Reagent
Reagent Storage Ambient temperature => 2 years
Sample Collection 10% (v/v or w/v)
Sample Source Cells, tissues, blood, plasma, serum, saliva, urine, feces, environmental samples, etc.
Sample Stability RNA: Ambient temperature (4°C- 25°C) >1 month
DNA: Ambient temperature (4°C- 25°C) >2 years
DNA & RNA: Frozen (<-20°C): Indefinitely

Product FAQ

Q1: A white precipitate occurred after thawing frozen samples stored in DNA/RNA Shield, is this normal?

Some components of the reagent (or sample) may have precipitated out of solution during the freeze-thaw process. Once the sample is thawed to ambient temperature, vortex the sample to bring precipitate back into solution. Furthermore, try heating samples in hand or 37°C for 5 minutes and vortex.

Q2: Do I need to homogenize the sample in DNA/RNA Shield prior to storage?

No, tissues do not need to be homogenized.

Q3: How to collect solid tissues in DNA/RNA Shield?

Transfer tissues in to DNA RNA Shield at room temperature, submerge. Tissue can be homogenized or stored frozen prior to homogenization.

Q4: Can I FACS sort directly into DNA/RNA Shield?

Yes, sort directly into DNA/RNA Shield (e.g. Collect 100 ul of FACS sorted cells into minimally 400 ul of DNA/RNA Shield).

Q5: How long can samples be stored frozen in DNA/RNA Shield?

DNA & RNA (<-20°C): Indefinitely

Q6: How long can samples be stored samples in DNA/RNA Shield at ambient temperature?

RNA > 1 month
DNA > 2 years

Q7: What sample types is DNA/RNA Shield suitable for?

DNA/RNA Shield can be used on a wide variety of sample types including cells, tissues, biological fluids (plasma, serum, saliva, urine), and environmental samples (feces, plants, swabs, etc.).

Q8: Can DNA/RNA Shield be used on extracted DNA and/or RNA?

Yes, extracted nucleic acids are stabilized in DNA/RNA Shield. Prior to downstream applications, clean-up the sample via the appropriate Zymo Research clean-up kit (Genomic DNA Clean and Concentrator (gDCC), DNA Clean and Concentrator (DCC), and RNA Clean and Concentrator (RCC)).



“I did an assay using RNA/DNA shield and it works perfect. The product has excellent reproducibility when stored at 4°C for up to a month.”

– Maha AE. (University of Florida)

“I’m a Zymo fan! DNA/RNA Shield is a great product. It works great on my precious samples. I trust Zymo Research products and they have great tech support!!”

– Laura T. (USDA)

“We use DNA/RNA shield and it works well with adults mosquitoes, larvae, eggs. We store it at RT for weeks and at -4 or -20 for months, never saw any DNA degradation.”

– Umberto P. (University of Pavia)

“We extracted RNA from cells suspended in DNA/RNA Shield with the Direct-zol miniprep set from Zymo (using Trizol). It worked perfect for us.”

– Mariska B. (University of Amsterdam)

“Awesome result received, every biolab needs it. DNA/RNA shield was very effective when I used it to store microbial cells. It was effective in stabilizing the DNA of the cell untill when used for analysis. It gave the required result. I could easily transport sample without fear of loss of nucleic acid stability. The DNA from my sample was also easily recovered when I then wanted to use it. The product is very easy and simple to use, there is not much protocol to follow. Anyone working with nucleic acids in samples can use DNA/RNA shield to store and maintain the nucleic acid of his/her samples during analysis and for future analysis. The product deserves a 5 star rating in all categories of rating. There’s no long protocol during use. Although, I am not the purchaser, the product is cost-effective, the satisfaction derived from use of the product is commendable.”

– Chikodili A. (Nnamdi Azikiwe University)

“We are working to collect environmental water samples for microbial community analysis. Our first attempt had us collecting the water samples, trying to keep them cold until we got back to the lab followed by immediate DNA extraction. The day was long, stressful, and unsuccessful. Enter DNA/RNA Shield. This item is designed for being in the field. It is stable at ambient temps, does not require any fancy or complicated procedures, neutralizes pathogens, and got us great results. We simply added the water sample to the DNA/RNA Shield and we were done. We also used Zymo’s ZymoBiomics service for this project. Once we had the samples, all we had to do was pack them up and send them in. It was too easy. We got back amazing results from our samples that we could not have gotten in-house. As I was sharing this with a colleague who was working on blood for genomic analysis, she accused me of witchcraft. She is now using this product as well and getting great, easy results.”

– Amy S. (Touro University Nevada)

DNA/RNA Shield

Cat # Name Size
R1100-50 DNA/RNA Shield 50 ml
R1100-250 DNA/RNA Shield 250 ml
R1200-25 DNA/RNA Shield (2X Concentrate) 25 ml
R1200-125 DNA/RNA Shield (2X Concentrate) 125 ml


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