Purification of microbial RNA for microbiome or metagenome analyses


  • Unbiased Lysis: Efficient and unbiased lysis of microbes including Grampositive/negative bacteria, fungi, protozoans, and viruses from any sample (feces, soil, plant, water, biofilms, swabs, saliva, body fluids, etc.)
  • Ultra-Pure: Total RNA (including small/micro RNAs) is inhibitor-free and ready
    for qPCR and microbiome measurements using Next-Gen Sequencing.
  • High Sensitivity: Increased detection limit of very low abundance organisms.


The ZymoBIOMICS RNA Miniprep Kit is designed for purifying RNA from a wide array of sample inputs that is ready for microbiome or metagenome analyses. The ZymoBIOMICS lysis system eliminates bias associated with unequal lysis efficiencies of different organisms (e.g. Gram-negative/positive bacteria, fungus, protozoans, and algae). The procedure uses Zymo-Spin Column technology that results in high-quality total RNA (including small RNAs 17-200 nt) that is free of PCR inhibitors and is ready for RT-PCR, hybridization, sequencing, etc.

DNase I included.

Technical Specifications

Equipment Microcentrifuge, vortex, cell disrupter (recommended)
Purity RNA is ready for Next-Gen sequencing, RTPCR, microarray, hybridization, etc. A260/A280, A260/A230: >1.8.
Sample Source Bacterial, fungal, protozoan, algae, viral, mitochondrial, and host RNA is efficiently isolated from = 200 mg of mammalian feces, = 250 mg soil, = 200 mg plant/seed, 50-100 mg (wet weight) fungal bacterial cells, biofilms, and water.
Size Range Total RNA =17 nt
Yield 100 µg RNA (binding capacity), =50 µl (elution volume)


Kit Components

ZymoBIOMICS RNA Miniprep Kit

Cat # Name Size
R2001 ZymoBIOMICS RNA Miniprep Kit 50 Preps


Quick Protocol