Quick-RNA Miniprep Plus Kit



  • Broad Range: Extract total RNA (including small/micro RNAs) from any sample.
  • DNA-Free: Genomic DNA removal column and DNase I included.
  • NGS-Ready: RNA is ready for all downstream applications including Next-Gen Sequencing, RT-qPCR, hybridization, etc.


The Quick-RNA Miniprep Plus Kit is one of the most innovative RNA isolation kits available, designed for the easy, reliable, and rapid isolation of DNA-free RNA from cells, all tissue types, whole blood, and biological fluids. The provided DNA/RNA Shield stabilizes samples, allowing them to be stored without the need for immediate freezing or processing for up to one month. Furthermore, DNA/RNA Shield™ inactivates RNases as well as microbial pathogens (viruses, bacteria, etc.). The procedure combines a unique buffer system with Zymo-Spin Column technology to yield high quality total RNA (including small RNAs 17-200 nt).
Simply add DNA/RNA Shield and Proteinase K to extract total RNA from any tissue, then purify the RNA using the Zymo-Spin Column. The result is highly-concentrated, DNA-free RNA that is suitable for RT-PCR, hybridization, sequencing, etc. In addition, the kit can be used for the enrichment of small and large RNAs in two separate fractions.

Technical Specifications

Equipment Microcentrifuge, vortex, heat block/bath (55ºC)
Purity RNA is ready for Next-Gen sequencing, RTPCR, microarray, hybridization, etc. A260/A280, A260/A230: >1.8.
Sample Source Any cells (animal, blood cells etc.), all tissues (tough-to-lyse, FFPE, etc.), blood, biological fluids, and enzymatic reactions (e.g., DNase I), samples in DNA/RNA Shield™, TRIzol® or RNAlater™.
Size Range Total RNA ≥ 17 nt
Yield spin column, 100 µg RNA (binding capacity), ≥50 µl (elution volume)

Product FAQ

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“RNA isolation from tissue culture cells used to be my most hated protocol – labor intensive, tedious, and the horrible smell of the BME used in the protocol. This kit is much faster and easier and no horrible smells! Both the RNA yield and the real time results are just as good as our previous kit.”

– Lisa G. (University of Virginia)

“Amazing results, the only RNA extraction kit I ever buy now. In my opinion, there is no product on the market that is as good a value and as effective as this kit for plant tissue RNA extractions.”

– Erin B. (Occidental College)

“Good price and easy to use, plus good quality. It is compatible to QIAGEN products RNeasy kit, but with reasonable price and equal quality. Especially the DNase is inexpensive and is included in the kit. No matter animal RNA, or plant RNA, or bacterial RNA, all could use with this one kit.”

– Xiaolu J. (Florida Atlantic University)

“We are able to quickly and easy extract high quality RNA for use in RT-PCR. This kit is very affordable as well!.”

– Bo B. (Drew University)

“Easy and simple to use, even students can manage this! Reliable and in terms of value it is excellent. Color coded spin columns make it fool proof.”

– Jody H. (Otago University)

Kit Components

Quick-RNA Miniprep Plus Kit


Cat # Name Size
R1057T Quick-RNA Miniprep Plus Kit 10 preps
R1057 Quick-RNA Miniprep Plus Kit 50 preps
R1058 Quick-RNA Miniprep Plus Kit 200 preps