ZymoBIOMICS MagBinding Beads. For use in ZymoBIOMICS magenetic bead-based purification kits. Sold individually or as part of the ZymoBIOMICS product line.


‘Sterile forceps (a new pair for every sample) were used to remove the points from the tubes.. Each plaque sample was pelleted by centrifugation at maximum speed, washed twice in 1 ml PBS, and digested by re-suspending in 250 μl PBS containing 25 μl Metapolyzme (Sigma, USA), and incubating at 37° for 3 h. The lysate was used for DNA extraction employing the ZymoBiomics miniprep kit (Zymo Research, Germany) according to the manufacturer’s instructions.. Quantity and quality of the extracts were assessed using a Qubit 3.0 (ThermoFisher Scientific, USA).’

J Oral Microbiol-  Published 28 Dec 2018

‘tubes were mixed to make one biological replicate of a single variety and a total of three biological replicates were made for each variety per vineyard. . DNA was extracted from each sample by using the ZymoBiomics DNA MicroPrep Kit (Zymo Research, Irvine, CA, USA) following the manufacturer’s instructions.. To access bacterial communities, the V4 region of the 16S ribosomal gene was amplified using primers 515F and 806R and fungal community.diversity ‘

Microorganisms – Published 21 Sep 2018

‘Briefly, the sample was spun down for 2 min at 6000 rpm, rinsed with PBS and spun down again (5 min at 6000 rpm), prior to removing the supernatant.. Cells were lysed with glass bead disruption in a detergent buffer, and DNA was extracted using the ZymoBiomics DNA Mini Kit (Zymo Research).. For shotgun library creation, 100 ng was sheared to ~400 bp average insert length and used to create a library using the HyperPrep kit (KAPA Biosystems). ‘

Nat Commun – Published 28 Feb 2018

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ZymoBIOMICS MagBinding Beads

Cat # Name Size
D4302-6-12 ZymoBIOMICS MagBinding Beads 12 ml
D4302-6-3 ZymoBIOMICS MagBinding Beads 3 ml
D4302-6-6 ZymoBIOMICS MagBinding Beads 6 ml