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Cat.#: IB0539


 Size: 5g
 CAS:  [144-48-9]
 Grade:  Reagent
 DG: Yes
 Storage:  18 to 25C
 Sterile: No
 Catalog Number  Size  Price (INR)
 IB0539  5g

Product Details

Product Description:    Iodoacetamide: IAN is an irreversible inhibitor of many cysteine proteases. However, it is not highly specific for the active site cysteine residue of proteases and can inhibit many enzymes. In the alkylation reaction, IAN reacts with histidine (such as in RNase), methionine and sulfhydryl groups of many proteins. IAN can react with low molecular weight thiol compounds such as mercaptoethanol and glutathione. The reaction of IAN with glutathione was utilized in a titration method for the determination of sulfhydryl groups in different compounds. The alkylation reaction forms stable protein derivatives which will remain intact during further study of the protein.

Total Product Size:   5mg/25mg

Individual Container Size:   5g/25g

Number of Containers:   1

Shipping Conditions:    RT

UNSPSC Code:     12352200

UNSPSC Category:    Inhibitors

Extra Info.:     Hazard Class: Class 6.1 Hazard UN: UN2811 Hazard PG: PGIII          


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