The Cryolys is a patented cooling option, compatible with the Precellys24, that keeps temperature of the samples between 0°C and 10°C during homogenization.

Cryolys is the best solution to protect the sensitive molecules from heat degradation during the homogenization. Cryolys is ideal while working on thermo-sensitive molecules: RNA, siRNA, metabolites, enzymes, proteins. It enables the extraction of stable RNA and native-state proteins. Cold air (-50°C) is sprayed around each tube so that the temperature during homogenization remains at around 4°C. A probe enables real-time monitoring of the temperature inside the lid, thus protecting sensitive molecules from degradation during sample preparation.

Technical Specifications
Distributed by Zymo Research

Cryolys Cooling

Cat # Name Size
S6009-1 Cryolys Cooling 1 Unit