Choose from a large selection of Zymo’s patented Zymo-Spin columns for nucleic acid purification.
For large or small nucleic acid molecules, Biolinkk has you covered.

Zymo-Spin IB Columns
C1014-250, C1014-50
Columns for nucleic acid purification and dye removal.

Zymo-Spin P1 Columns
Columns for purification of His-tagged proteins.

Zymo-Spin II Columns
C1008-250, C1008-50
Uncapped columns for the recovery of ≤ 25 µg DNA in ≥ 25 µl.

Zymo-Spin IIC Columns
C1011-250, C1011-50
Capped columns for the recovery of DNA and RNA in ≥ 25 µl.

Zymo-Spin IIC-XL Columns
C1102-25, C1102-50
Capped columns for the recovery of large-sized DNA in ≥ 10 µl.

Zymo-Spin V Columns
C1012-25, C1012-50
Column for purifying up to 100 µg DNA or RNA in ≥ 150 µl.

Zymo-Spin V-P Column Assembly w/ 15 ml and 50 ml Reservoir
The Zymo-Spin V-P can be used in centrifuges or on-vacuum manifolds to purify plasmid DNA.

Zymo-Spin VI Columns
C1013-10, C1013-20
Column for recovery of up to 500 µg DNA or RNA in ≥ 2 ml.

Zymo-Spin VI Columns w/ Reservoir
C1018-10, C1018-20
Column assembly for recovery of DNA/RNA from large volumes.

Zymo-Spin VI Columns w/ Zymo-Maxi Filter
C1017-10, C1017-20
Column-filter assembly for purifying DNA/RNA from ≤ 75 ml sample

Zymo-Spin VI-P Columns
Zymo-Spin VI-P can be used in centrifuges or on vacuum manifolds for the purification of plasmid DNA.