SafeCollect At-Home Sample Collection Kits

Sample Collection Designed Around User Experience for Self-Collection

Unparalleled User Safety(No Spill)

Room Temperature Shipping & Storage

Automation-Ready for High-Throughput Sample Processing

Easy Self-Collection Starts with SafeCollect

Powered by Proven DNA/RNA Shield Preservation Technology

SafeCollect™ devices are filled with Zymo Research’s proprietary DNA/RNA Shield™ stabilization solution that preserves DNA and RNA at ambient temperature for at least 30 days. Such preservation is not only economical but also vital when shipping samples where expensive dry ice and other cold shipping methods are not available or permitted. DNA/RNA Shield™ was the first 510(k) cleared transport medium for collection, preservation, and inactivation for SARS-CoV-2, which provides an additional layer of protection for those who come into direct contact with samples, including couriers and laboratory personnel.

SafeCollect Technology

Available in Multiple Formats

SafeCollect Saliva Collection Kit

  • ✓ Funnel included for the collection of saliva and other liquid samples
  • ✓ SafePuncture cap pierces the safety seal, releasing the reagent
  • ✓ Prefilled with 2ml (R1211) of DNA/RNA Shield

SafeCollect Swab Collection Kit

  • ✓ Swab included for the collection of throat, nasal, fecal, skin, and surface sample
  • ✓ Self-centering cap retains the swab during the decapping process
  • ✓ Prefilled with 1ml (R1160) or 2ml (R1161) of DNA/RNA Shield

Easily Processed

SafeCollect’s patented caps and tubes were designed for seamless automation on any platform for low or high-throughput sample processing. The device dimensions conform to industry standards for easy integration into existing workflows.

Custom At-Home Solutions

Zymo Research is more than just a manufacturer. We are a global research driven biotechnology company. We are your innovation partner with scientists and PhD’s available to collaborate with you to create your custom at-home sample collection solution.

At-Home sample collection is more than just a device or kit. It is a direct reflection of your brand as defined by the entire consumer experience. Zymo Research at-home sample collection experts work closely with you to facilitate your custom manufacturing needs. Whether it’s custom molds, OEM, white-label, custom kitting, packaging, or barcoding, we are excited to bring your brand experience to market.