GenePurgeDirect™ Sample Preparation Reagent

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GenePurgeDirect, 1 ML – SKU: GPD-100
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    A proprietary reagent which releases DNA from whole blood, cell cultures, bacterial colonies and like. Lysis is accomplished directly in the amplification tube on a thermocycler. GenePurgeDirect™ greatly simplifies the amplification of genomic DNA by avoiding the requirement to purify DNA


    • From sample to PCR template within 5 minutes
    • Yield fast, simple and reliable
    • Extraction in one tube
    • Provides amplifiable nucleic acids from minute amounts of material
    • Can be used for diverse types of samples

    The five minute protocol of GenePurgeDirect DNA/RNA releasing reagent provides reliable PCR ready DNA/RNA quickly, simple and eliminates the need for purifying DNA/RNA. GenePurgeDirect is composed of proprietary polymeric materials. These materials quickly facilitate the release of DNA from cells or other materials containing genetic materials in a form suitable for amplification.

    This DNA/RNA releasing reagent segregates inhibitors released during lysis, along with preservation agents that may interfere with amplification. Most critically, it consistently provides amplifiable nucleic acids from minute amounts of material, consequently conserving often precious or rare sample materials.

    GenePurgeDirect achieves lysis, releasing the DNA/RNA from the sample directly in the amplification tube on thermocycler within minutes; this time frame can be shortened using a microwave protocol.

    ‘One tube ‘ extractions are carried out by placing the experimental sample in an amplification tube. This followed by adding GenePurgeDirect DNA/RNA releasing reagent. After following the Themocycler or microwave procedure, add the master mix and do the amplification steps. ‘One tube’ extraction reduces costs, saves time and reduces the risks of contamination.

    Full protocols for DNA/RNA preparation from diverse types of samples, including blood, sputum, bacteria, tissue cultures, as well as bacteria phages, paraffin embedded tissues, biopsies, mouse tail, plants and for such infectious agents as MTB and HIV are available: