ZR Plasmid Miniprep – Classic

Easy traditional method for isolating high-quality plasmid DNA from E. coli


  • High Purity: Eluted plasmid DNA is high quality, endotoxin-free and ready for all sensitive downstream applications including transfections and sequencing.
  • Colored Buffers: P1, P2, and P3 buffers are colored for easy visualization of complete lysis and neutralization.
  • Unique column design: Zero buffer retention and low (30 µl) elution volume.


The ZR Plasmid Miniprep-Classic is designed for efficient isolation of plasmid DNA from E. coli using a traditional 3-buffer (P1, P2, P3) procedure that is simple, rapid, and reliable. It features a modified alkaline lysis protocol together with Zymo-Spin technology to yield high quality plasmid DNA in minutes. The buffers are color-coded (red, green, yellow) for easy visualization of complete cell lysis and neutralization. The innovative Zymo-Spin llN columns yield transfection-grade plasmid DNA. Plasmid DNA purified using the ZR Plasmid Miniprep-Classic is well suited for use in restriction endonuclease digestion, sequencing, DNA ligation, cloning, PCR, bacterial transformation, transfection, etc.

Technical Specifications

Applicable For Ligation, sequencing, restriction endonuclease digestion, in vitro transcription, transfections, and other sensitive applications.
Elution Volume ≥ 30 µl
Endotoxin Levels < 50 EU/µg
Equipment Microcentrifuge
Processing Time 15 min
Purity Typical Abs260/280 ≥1.8.
Size Range Up to 25 kb
Yield Up to 25 µg per preparation, depending on the plasmid copy number, culture growth conditions, and strain of E. Coli utilized.

Product FAQ

Q1: What is the difference between the ZymoPURE Miniprep Kit and the ZR Plasmid Miniprep – Classic?

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Q4: What is the composition of the DNA Elution buffer?

Q5: Can I perform the procedure using a vacuum manifold?

Q6: I ran out of Plasmid Wash Buffer. Can I substitute it with a homemade solution or Wash Buffer from another kit?

Q7: What are the endotoxin levels in plasmid DNA isolated using the ZR-Plasmid Miniprep Classic Kit?


Kit Components

ZR Plasmid Miniprep – Classic


Cat # Name Size
D4054 ZR Plasmid Miniprep – Classic 800 Preps
D4015 ZR Plasmid Miniprep – Classic 100 Preps
D4016 ZR Plasmid Miniprep – Classic 400 Preps