TwistAmp® lyophilised kits​

TwistAmp® kits (supplied with lyophilised reactions) are conveniently provided in a freeze-dried format ideally suited to taking out in the field, point-of-care and other settings with minimal resources, and particularly in situations where maintaining a cold chain just isn’t feasible. TwistAmp® research kits contain all the reagents necessary to amplify nucleic acids using specific primers designed by the end-user.
TwistAmp® kits containing freeze-dried reactions*, offer the following benefits:
● Low amplification temperature requirements of RPA enable low-cost, portable equipment to be deployed for testing.
● Dry-formulated RPA reagents are stable enough to be transported at ambient temperatures.
● A multitude of field-friendly detection outputs are enabled including lateral flow and fluorescence.
● Sample tolerance and robustness of RPA to some complex sample types make it suited to a wide range of field-based and point-of-care applications.
TwistAmp® kits facilitate the development of fast, specific and sensitive DNA and RNA detection for numerous applications and uses.TwistAmp® Basic is a DNA amplification kit suitable for gel analysis, solid-phase, tailed primers, aptamers, electrochemistry and microarray applications. TwistAmp® exo is a DNA amplification kit to monitor amplification reactions in real-time fluorescence(or end-point using TwistAmp® fpg kit). TwistAmp® nfo is a DNA amplification kit for use with simple sandwich assay detection. TwistAmp® kits can also be used with reverse transcriptase to permit single step RNA detection.

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