ZymoTaq qPCR Premix

Amplification of bisulfite-converted; CpG rich DNA; Amplification of DNA; TA cloning


  • Hot-start polymerase for easy setup at room temperature.
  • Robust amplification of DNA for genotyping, SNP, and HRM analysis.
  • Strong fluorescent signal for real-time and quantitative PCR assays.


ZymoTaq qPCR PreMix contains all the reagents needed to perform quantitative PCR and other molecular downstream analysis such as high-resolution melt (HRM) analysis of DNA methylation and other general real-time PCR assays. This premix features a hot-start DNA polymerase and buffer system optimized for the amplification of bisulfite-treated DNA. It also includes an intense dsDNA-specific fluorescent dye, SYTO 9, for sensitive real-time DNA quantification. This technology can also be found in the Femto Quantification Kits (E2005, E2006, E2007) for low copy detection of DNA from human, bacteria, or fungi.

Technical Specifications

Activity 5′ – 3′ DNA polymerization
Concentration Reaction conditions at 1X (50 µl total volume) will contain 2 U of ZymoTaq DNA polymerase.
Equipment Real-time PCR can be performed on any instrument that has optical scanners that do not require passive reference dye.
Storage Store at ≤ -20°C for up to 12 months. Minimize exposure to light. Avoid repeated freeze/thawing of reagents.
Unit Definition One unit (U) enzyme of ZymoTaq DNA Polymerase is defined as the amount of enzyme required for the incorporation of 10 nmol dNTPs into an acid-insoluble form in 30 minutes at 72°C.

Product FAQ

Q1: What is the error rate of the ZymoTaq DNA polymerase?

The error rate for ZymoTaq DNA polymerase ranges from 1.1×10-4 to 8.9×10-5.

Q2: Which is the maximal amplicon size generated using the ZymoTaq DNA polymerase?

The ZymoTaq DNA polymerase can amplify up to 5 kb.

Q3: What is the benefit of the ZymoTaq DNA PCR systems?

The ZymoTaq DNA PCR system utilizes a hot-start polymerase and is optimized for bisulfite PCR and other GC rich templates, as well as low-copy number of DNA templates. It can also be used for general molecular biology applications as well (e.g. suitable for TA cloning, multiplex PCR, etc).

Q4: Does ZymoTaq DNA polymerase have a 5’ to 3’ exonuclease activity?



Kit Components

ZymoTaq qPCR Premix

E2054 / E2055

Cat # Name Size
E2054 ZymoTaq qPCR Premix 50 Rxns
E2055 ZymoTaq qPCR Premix 200 Rxns