ZymoBIOMICS Targeted Sequencing Service: 16S/ITS

3 Page Report


  • Complete Solution: Simply submit samples and receive a comprehensive, user-friendly data report with publication-ready plots and figures.
  • Quality Ensured: A mock microbial community standard is included with each run to ensure accurate data processing.
  • Superior Taxonomic Resolution: Species-level resolution with 16S rRNA gene sequencing.


Precisely and accurately identify microbial composition. The full service includes unbiased DNA extraction (optional), library preparation, post-library QC, sequencing using the Illumina MiSeq® platform (2x300bp), and bioinformatics analysis. All steps of the process, including library preparation, are performed with a microbial standard for quality control. Bioinformatics analysis is performed using an upgraded pipeline with an in-house curated database to resolve most microbes to the species level and provide increased coverage of organisms. The final report includes publication-ready compositional bar plots, taxonomy heat maps, alpha-diversity plots, beta-diversity plots, LEfSe biomarker discovery, and Taxa2SV decomposer analysis.

Technical Specifications

Minimum Samples per Order 10
Sample Preparation • Label sample tubes with numbers (i.e. 1, 2, 3…) that match the Sample Information File. Do NOT label with unique sample names/IDs.

• Ship all samples together.

• Keep an aliquot of each sample at your facility.

• Dilute DNA samples to 5-20 ng/µl microbial DNA. DNA samples must be suspended in = 20 µl of either DNase/RNase-Free Water or TE Buffer (or similar). For projects with = 20 samples, store in 1.5 mL centrifuge tubes. For projects with > 20 samples, store in clear PCR plates. Ship DNA samples on ice.

• Raw samples (e.g. fecal, soil, swab) without preservative solution must be shipped on dry ice. Raw samples stored in DNA/RNA Shield can be shipped at room temperature. No other preservative solution will be accepted.

Sample Report Download Sample Report
Turnaround Time Guaranteed 6-8 weeks; most projects are completed within 4 weeks. Expedited services are available at additional cost. Please contact zymobiomics-services@zymoresearch.com for expedited service requests and for large sample number orders.

Product FAQ

Q1: How do I ship my raw samples?

Raw samples should be shipped frozen in dry ice. Alternately, raw samples could be stored in DNA/RNA Shield reagent which can preserve the microbial profile of samples at room temperature for over 1 month. Multiple collection tubes option is available.

Q2: What is microbial standard, how does it serve as a control?

Microbial standard includes easy-to-lyse and tough-to-lyse bacteria and yeast to ensure the data generated is bias-free and representative of the microbial sample.

Q3: What extraction method does this service use?

ZymoBIOMICS DNA extraction kit is used to guaranteed to provide unbiased lysis of all of the organisms in a sample, including tough-to-lyse organism.

Q4: What primers set does this service use for targeted sequencing?

For the 16S service, an in-house optimized 16S V3-V4 primers set is used by default to introduce coverage for both archaea and bacteria. For the ITS service, an in-house optimized ITS primer set is used by default. Please contact zymobiomics-services@zymoresearch.com if a different primer set is desired.

Q5: What is the taxonomy resolution for this service?

Our upgraded pipeline is able to resolve most microbes to the species level, and our in-house curated database provides increased coverage of organisms.



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ZymoBIOMICS Targeted Sequencing Service: 16S/ITS

Cat # Name Size
Q2001 16S (With DNA Extraction) 1 sample
Q2012 16S (Without DNA Extraction) 1 sample
Q2003 ITS (With DNA Extraction) 1 sample
Q2013 ITS (Without DNA Extraction) 1 sample