ZymoBIOMICS 96 MagBead DNA Kit

Inhibitor-free microbial DNA from any sample validated for microbiomic and metagenomic analyses


  • High-throughput purification of high quality, inhibitor-free DNA from any sample including feces, soil, water, biofilms, swabs, saliva, and body fluids.
  • The ZymoBIOMICS innovative lysis system enables efficient and unbiased lysis of microbes including Gram-positive/negative bacteria, fungi, protozoans, algae, etc.
  • The automation friendly workflow enables nearly any sample to be processed in as little as 90 minutes for 96 preps.


The ZymoBIOMICS DNA Kits are microbial DNA purification kits designed for purifying DNA from a variety of sample inputs that is immediately ready for microbiome or metagenome analyses. The ZymoBIOMICS lysis system eliminates bias associated with unequal lysis efficiencies of different organisms (e.g. Gram-negative/positive bacteria, fungus, protozoans, and algae), making it ideal for microbial community profiling. Uniform mechanical lysis of all microbes is achieved by bead beating with the innovative ultra-high density BashingBeads. This kit is equipped with our OneStep PCR Inhibitor removal technology, enabling PCR amplification from DNA derived from inhibitor-rich environmental samples. Purified DNA is ideal for all downstream applications including PCR, arrays, 16S rRNA gene sequencing, and shotgun sequencing. DNA Size is 15-20 kb.

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Technical Specifications

Applicable For All sensitive downstream applications such as qPCR and Next-Generation Sequencing.
Elution Volume = 37.5 µl DNA Elution Buffer or DNase free water
Equipment Centrifuge fitted with a 96 well microplate carrier, 96 Well Magnetic Stand, Liquid handler or other robotic sample processor, 96 well plate heat block
Processing Volume Fecal =100 mg, Soil = 200 mg, Cells = 20 mg (Approximately equal to 2×108 bacterial, 2×107 yeast, or 2×106 mammalian cells)
Purity High quality, inhibitor-free DNA is eluted with ZymoBIOMICS DNase/RNase Free Water and is suitable for all downstream applications including PCR and Next-Generation sequencing
Sample Source Bacterial, fungal, protozoan, algae, viral, mitochondrial, and host DNA is efficiently isolated from feces, soil, fungal/bacterial cells, biofilms and water.
Sample Storage Eluted DNA should be stored at = -20°C.
Size Range Typically 15-20 kb post-bead beating. For optimal DNA integrity, collect samples in DNA/RNA Shield.
Type Total DNA
Yield Up to 10 µg total DNA can be eluted into 50 µl (37.5 µl minimum)

Product FAQ

Q1: Do you have scripts available for your automated kits?

Yes, we currently have scripts for Hamilton and KingFisher, as well as support for Tecan on some systems. Please contact us for scripts specific to your setup.

Q2: Do you provide scripting support for your automated kits?

Yes, our protocol includes an “automation guide” for users to script the protocol themselves and our technical support staff are available for any automation help, troubleshooting, and advice. Please do not hesitate to contact us at tech@zymoresearch.com.


Kit Components

ZymoBIOMICS 96 MagBead DNA Kit

Cat # Name Size
D4302 ZymoBIOMICS 96 MagBead DNA Kit (Lysis Rack) 2 x 96 Preps
D4306 ZymoBIOMICS 96 MagBead DNA Kit (No Lysis Matrix) 2 x 96 Preps
D4308 ZymoBIOMICS 96 MagBead DNA Kit (Lysis Tubes) 2 x 96 Preps


SDS (MSDS): D4306  
App Note Hamilton  
Optimized Lysis Protocols