ZR-96 ChIP DNA Clean & Concentrator

DNA purification from any step in a ChIP assay


  • Rapid high-throughput (96-well) recovery of ultra-pure DNA from chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), cell lysates, Proteinase K-digested samples, PCR, and other enzymatic reactions.
  • Plate design permits DNA elution at high concentrations into minimal elution volumes (> 10 µl/well).
  • Eluted DNA is well-suited for use in PCR, Next-Gen sequencing (ChIP-Seq), microarrays, Southern blot analysis, and other molecular applications.


The ZR-96 Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) DNA Clean & Concentrator provides a hassle-free method for the rapid, high-throughput purification, and concentration of high-quality DNA from any step in a standard ChIP protocol. This product is well suited for samples that have undergone reverse cross-linking and Proteinase K or RNase A digestion as well as reverse cross-linked samples eluted from chromatin-antibody-bead complexes. Additionally, this product may also be used to purify DNA from PCR and other enzymatic reactions. DNA purified using the ZR-96 ChIP DNA Clean & Concentrator ™ is suitable for PCR, Next-Gen sequencing (ChIP-Seq), arrays, as well as other molecular applications.

Technical Specifications

Elution Volume ≥ 10 µl
Processing Time 15 minutes
Recovery 70-90% for DNA 50 bp – 10 kb

70% for DNA > 10 kb
Size Range 50 bp – 23 kb
Storage All components should be stored at room temperature.


Kit Components

ZR-96 ChIP DNA Clean & Concentrator

D5206 / D5207

Cat # Name Size
D5206 ZR-96 ChIP DNA Clean & Concentrator 2 x 96 Rxns.
D5207 ZR-96 ChIP DNA Clean & Concentrator 4 x 96 Rxns.