Universal Methylated DNA Standard

Control for bisulfite conversion; DNA methylation quantitation


  • Purified, methylated human DNA (D5011) and methylated mouse DNA (D5012) for use as controls to assess bisulfite conversion efficiency. Compatible with the EZ DNA Methylation family of products and other bisulfite conversion protocols.
  • All cytosines within a CpG dinucleotide context have been enzymatically methylated by M. SssI methyltransferase.
  • Each standard is provided with a primer set to amplify a fragment of DNA after bisulfite conversion.


The Universal Methylated DNA Standards are designed to be used as positive controls to assess the efficiency of DNA bisulfite conversion in human and mouse models. The control DNA can be run in parallel with samples to monitor the bisulfite conversion reaction. The primer sets are designed to amplify a fragment of the supplied DNA from the respective species following bisulfite treatment.

Technical Specifications

Concentration 250 ng/µl
Storage Store DNA standard and primers at ≤ -20°C for up to 12 months. Prolonged storage should be = -70°C.

Product FAQ

Q1: What is the source of the Universal Methylated Human DNA Standard (D5011) and Bisulfite-converted Universal Methylated Human DNA Standard (D5015)?

The sample is derived from human male brain tissue.

Q2: Are the Human methylated DNA standards completely (100%) methylated at the CpG sites?

All standards are enzymatically methylated by CpG Methylase in vitro at all CpG dinucleotides. The methylated DNA is very highly methylated (> 95% of all CpG sites).


Universal Methylated DNA Standard

D5011 / D5012

Cat # Name DNA Type
D5011 Universal Methylated Human DNA Standard Human
D5012 Universal Methylated Mouse DNA Standard Mouse