TwistAmp® Liquid exo


Real-time fluorescent DNA amplification in a flexible liquid format. Recommended for users who want to combine RPA with the use of TwistDx’s proprietary fluorescent TwistAmp® exo Probes. In addition to the basic components, a powerful nuclease (Exonuclease III) is provided which will process TwistAmp® exo Probes during the amplification reaction itself and generate a real-time readout. The user need only supply primers, probe, dNTPs and template.

Perfect for:
•Real-time fluorescent DNA detection, facilitating use of different RPA reaction volumes, or variation of component ratios.

Product code: TALQEXO01


  • ● Rapid DNA amplification
  • ● Flexible reaction volume use
  • ● Flexible reagent component ratio use
  • ● Single molecule detection
  • ● Reagents for at least 100 reactions (dependent on volume used)
  • ● Multiplexable

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