Quick-RNA Fecal/Soil Microbe Microprep Kit

Quick-RNA Fecal/Soil Microbe Microprep Kit


  • High Quality: Extract intact high quality total RNA (including small/micro RNAs) from various soil, fecal, and water samples.
  • Homogenization: Ultra-high density BashingBead technology for complete disruption of tough-to-lyse samples.
  • Inhibitor-Free: RNA is ready for all downstream applications including sequencing, RT-PCR, microarray, etc.


The Quick-RNA Soil/Fecal Microbe Microprep is an innovative fecal and soil RNA extraction kit designed for the simple, reliable, and rapid isolation of total RNA including small RNAs (>17 nt) from various soil, sludge, sediment and/or fecal samples. The procedure of this fecal and soil RNA extraction kit successfully isolates RNA from tough-to-lyse bacteria, fungi, protozoa (protist), algae, etc. in soil, and host RNA from fecal samples.
Samples are added to the ZR BashingBead Lysis Tube with an optimally designed S/F RNA Lysis Buffer where microbes are then lysed by bead beating to extract total RNA. The Zymo-Spin column technology included in this fecal and soil RNA extraction kit allows for quick filtration, genomic DNA removal from sample lysates, and isolation of the RNA. Zymo-Spin III-HRC Spin Filter separates RT-PCR inhibitors (e.g., humic acids, polyphenols, tannins) and the total RNA is concentrated using the Zymo-Spin IC Column with a minimum elution volume of =6 µl.

Technical Specifications

Equipment Microcentrifuge, vortex and/or cell disrupter/pulverizer (optional)
Purity RNA is ready for Next-Gen sequencing, RTPCR, microarray, hybridization, etc. A260/A280, A260/A230: >1.8.
Sample Source Bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and algae in up to 250 mg soil, sludge or sediments, and bacteria, protist and/or host RNA from feces (mammalian, avian, etc.)
Size Range Total RNA ≥ 17 nt
Yield 10 µg RNA (binding capacity), ≥6 µl (elution volume)


Kit Components

Quick-RNA Fecal/Soil Microbe Microprep Kit


Cat # Name Size
R2040 Quick-RNA Fecal/Soil Microbe Microprep Kit 50 preps