Liquid Nitrogen Bio Refrigerator

Bio Refrigerator

Liquid Nitrogen Bio Refrigerator

The liquid nitrogen biological refrigerator has novel appearance and strong sense of medical equipment, and is suitable for various sample banks, hospitals and laboratories. Dual lock design can effectively protect the sample safety; intelligent management can connect to cloud server, touch screen operation makes the use easier, and has its own power conversion device, equipped with liquid nitrogen filter, reduce impurities and improve the life of the whole machine.

Smart cap

smart cap

SmartCap intelligent cork, with liquid nitrogen tank level monitoring

SmartCap intelligent cork, with liquid nitrogen tank level monitoring and temperature monitoring functions of highly integrated low-power Internet of Things module. It is suitable for 50MM/80MM/125MM/216MM caliber liquid nitrogen tank products, but also compatible with other similar liquid nitrogen tank on the market (only internal height and caliber can be configured), built-in high-efficiency nickel batteries, effective working time up to 2 years. When it collects liquid level and temperature data, it transmits the collected data to the data relay for storage at a fixed frequency (10 minutes per time) by 2.4 G wireless mode.

Biobank freezers

Biobank freezers

Biobank Series provide users with automatic, secure and reliable cryogenic liquid nitrogen freezing systems. Tanks are made of high quality stainless steel, equipped with casters and brakes, and wide neck opening for easy to pick and place specimen.Specimen could be stored in liquid or vapor, and control system provides high convenience and security. To achieve the most economical operation, our design ensures the lowest consumption of liquid nitrogen and the maximum storage capacity of the specimen.

Dry shipper series liquid nitrogen tank

liquid nitrogen tank

Dry shipper series

Dry shipper series is designed for delivery of biological samples on aircraft.There is special adsorption material inside the container to absorb and save liquid nitrogen, preventing liquid nitrogen overflow during delivery. It uses special stainless steel mesh to separate storage space and absorption material ,to avoid liquid nitrogen absorption material mixed into the sample.

Transport storage series liquid nitrogen tank

liquid nitrogen tank
Transport storage series


Transport storage series is designed for long-distance transport of liquid nitrogen or biological samples. It uses a special support structure design for these containers.

Liquid nitrogen tank