• Fast: Efficient cDNA synthesis from up to 5 µg RNA in less than 15 minutes
  • Simple Setup: Ready-to-use Master Mix. Just add RNA and incubate in a thermal cycler
  • Convenient: Room temperature reaction set-up

ZymoScript RT PreMix Kit is an optimized reverse transcription kit containing all the necessary components for quick and efficient cDNA synthesis. Reaction setup can be completed at room temperature in less than one minute: simply add RNA to the ready-to-use RT PreMix. The RT PreMix includes a blue dye for easy tracking of pipetting, making reaction setup easier than ever. This dye ensures accurate reaction preparation and does not interfere with downstream analyses, including fluorescent detection methods.

The reverse transcription mix includes random hexamer and oligo dT primers, dNTPs, RNase inhibitors, reverse transcriptase, and an optimized reaction buffer for efficient, unbiased cDNA synthesis from as little as 0.1 pg to up to 5 µg of input RNA. Robust reverse transcription is achieved even with challenging templates that are GC-rich or contain secondary structures. ZymoScript RT PreMix is the kit of choice for studying the expression of a high number of targets from a single sample using 2-step RT-qPCR. For fast reverse transcription and robust qPCR amplification in a single tube, see ZymoScript One-Step RT-qPCR Kit (R3014).

Technical Specifications
Equipment thermal cycler
Ideal Uses Gene expression studies for many targets via 2-step RT-qPCR
Processing Time ≤ 15 minutes
Reagents Ready-to-use RT PreMix
Sample Source 0.1 pg – 5 µg RNA input
Size Range 100 reactions
Storage Store at -20 °C
Supplemental Info


The amount of total RNA required may vary depending on the expression level of the target transcripts. In general, we recommend using 0.1 pg – 5 µg of input RNA.

The dye used in ZymoScript RT PreMix has been thoroughly tested in downstream analyses. At the provided concentration, it will not affect fluorescent signal readings of any qPCR fluorescent channel.

Lower cDNA yields can be expected with degraded and/or impure RNA samples. We recommend using Quick-RNA or Direct-zol Kits (see Related Products) for high quality RNA extraction.

Yes, gene specific primers can be used to increase specific target yield. However, we recommend using ZymoScript One Step RT-qPCR (see Related Products) for enhanced specificity.

Yes, the enzymes are not activated at ambient temperatures.

We do not recommend storing the kit at room temperature for prolonged periods of time. The RT PreMix can be stored at 4°C for up to 1 week.

Samples can be treated with DNase I to eliminate DNA contamination. DNase I is included in the Quick-RNA and Direct-zol Kits recommended for RNA extraction (see Related Products). Alternatively, the DNase I set can be purchased separately.

No. The ZymoScript RT PreMix (2X) already contains a mixture of oligo dT and random hexamer primers which is not ideal for the synthesis of long cDNA molecules. For this specific application we recommend using the ZymoScript One-Step RT-qPCR Kit (R3014) with gene-specific primers.

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ZymoScript RT PreMix Kit

Cat # Name Size
R3012 ZymoScript RT PreMix Kit 100 reactions