ZymoBIOMICS Fecal Reference with TruMatrix™ Technology


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D6323ZymoBIOMICS Fecal Reference with TruMatrix™ Technology10 pack

The ZymoBIOMICS Fecal Reference with TruMatrix™ Technology is a microbial reference material composed of stool from healthy donors for quality control, process validation, assay development, and proficiency testing. The fecal reference was homogenized in one large batch to produce consistency in every vial, eliminating typical lot-to-lot variability. With over 2 million preps available, this reference is intended to be used as a control for workflow performance, as well as comparing workflow consistency across replicates, studies, and laboratories. To facilitate methods comparison, a platform is in development to enable users to compare characterization data against applied methodology.


  •  Real-Life Representation: a microbiome quality control made from real human fecal material
  •  Consistent: two million uniform preps available to act as a reliable, single point of reference for all microbiome researchers
  •  Well-Characterized: deeply sequenced using targeted, metagenomic, and metatranscriptomic sequencing
Technical Specifications
BiosafetyThis product contains no biohazard as potential pathogens have been fully inactivated.
CharacterizationLinks to 16S, metagenomic, and metatranscriptomic profiling are available in Appendix A of the protocol.
Concentration1mL of the product contains about 10 mg feces (wet weight).
StabilityStored in DNA/RNA Shield, which preserves the microbial profile and protects against degradation from freeze-thaw cycles.
Total DNA Content1mL of the product contains about 6 µg DNA.
Total RNA Content1mL of the product contains about 11 µg RNA.


product faq

Q1: How is this product different from the D6331 ZymoBIOMICS Gut Microbiome Standard?

The ZymoBIOMICS Gut Microbiome Standard (D6331) is a mock community with 21 species created to specific profile specifications. This product is ideal for benchmarking and validating initial workflows to ensure no significant biases exist. The ZymoBIOMICS Fecal Reference with TruMatrix™ Technology, as it is representative of the diversity and matrix of real fecal samples, can be used as a positive workflow control and for methods comparison to determine cross-compatibility of data.