ZymoBIOMICS DNA/RNA Miniprep Kit


Cat # Name Size
R2002 ZymoBIOMICS DNA/RNA Miniprep Kit 50 Preps


  • ✓ Unbiased Lysis: Efficient and unbiased lysis of microbes including Grampositive/negative bacteria, fungi, protozoans, and viruses from any sample (feces, soil, plant, water, biofilms, swabs, saliva, body fluids, etc.)
  • ✓ Ultra-Pure: DNA and Total RNA (including small/micro RNAs) is inhibitor-free and ready for qPCR and microbiome measurements using Next-Gen Sequencing.
  • ✓ High Sensitivity: Increased detection limit of very low abundance organisms.

The ZymoBIOMICS DNA/RNA Miniprep Kit is designed for purifying DNA and RNA from a wide array of sample inputs (e.g. feces, soil, plant, water, and biofilms) that is ready for microbiome or metagenome analyses. The ZymoBIOMICS innovative lysis system eliminates bias associated with unequal lysis efficiencies of different organisms (e.g. Gram-negative/positive bacteria, fungus, protozoans, and algae). The provided DNA/RNA Shield preserves nucleic acids at ambient temperatures, providing an unbiased molecular snapshot of the sample. The procedure uses Zymo-Spin Column technology that results in high-quality DNA and total RNA (including small RNAs 17-200 nt) that is free of PCR inhibitors (e.g. polyphenols, humic acids, and fulvic acids). Ready for RT-PCR, arrays, sequencing, etc.

Technical Specifications
EquipmentMicrocentrifuge, vortex, cell disrupter (recommended)
PurityDNA and RNA is ready for Next-Gen sequencing, RTPCR, microarray, hybridization, etc. A260/A280, A260/A230: >1.8.
Sample SourceBacterial, fungal, protozoan, algae, viral, mitochondrial, and host RNA is efficiently isolated from ≤ 200 mg of mammalian feces, ≤ 250 mg soil, ≤ 200 mg plant/seed, 50-100 mg (wet weight) fungal bacterial cells, biofilms, and water.
Size RangeDNA and Total RNA ≥17 nt
Yield100 µg DNA/RNA (binding capacity), ≥50 µl (elution volume)

Kits Component

Cat # Name Size
E1010-1-4 DNA Digestion Buffer 4 mL
C1058-50 Zymo-Spin III-HRC Filters 50 Pack
C1001-50 Collection Tubes 50 Pack
C1006-50-G Zymo-Spin IIICG Columns 50 Pack
C1006-50-F Spin-Away Filters 50 Pack
D7001-1-50 DNA/RNA Lysis Buffer 50 ml
D7010-2-50 DNA/RNA Prep Buffer 50 ml
D7010-3-24 DNA/RNA Wash Buffer (Concentrate) 24 ml
R1100-50 DNA/RNA Shield 50 ml
W1001-30 DNase/RNase-Free Water 30 ml


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Perla Abigail Figueroa Gonzalez

University of Duisburg-Essen

Jun 16 2021

5 review stars

Great product!

This DNA extraction kit has proved to be the best one I’ve used to obtain DNA from low biomass samples I work with. My only issue with it is the amount of changes of collection tubes needed, which I hope gets optimized later on. But overall I am very happy with this product.

Application Area: Environmental microbiology

Kathrine McAulay

Mayo Clinic

Jun 16 2021

5 review stars

Really reliable kit!

This kit consistently facilitates extraction of high yield and high quality DNA.

Application Area: Clinical metagenomics

Alexis Redmond

University of Texas

May 26 2021

4 review stars

Easy to follow.

The protocol is extremely easy to follow, and everything you need is clearly labeled. I wish it was a little less expensive since the kit only comes with 50 preps, but overall a great option for isolation of DNA and RNA from the same sample.

Application Area: Research

Audra Devoto


May 26 2021

5 review stars

What really sets this kit apart is how easy it makes environmental sampling.

The ZymoBIOMICS DNA/RNA Miniprep Kit makes it easy to collect samples in the field of multiple different types and transport them to the lab for DNA/RNA extractions. Extraction protocol is easy to follow and provides excellent quality and quantity of both DNA and RNA.

Application Area: Environmental sampling & DNA/RNA extraction

Ian Ferencz

University of Maryland

May 26 2021

5 review stars

Great results, love using it.

Product inlay is well written and makes the product very easy to use.

Application Area: Biochemistry research