Yeast Nuclei Isolation Kit

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Size: 50 assays

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To understand the nature of the replication and expression of the yeast genome, it is essential to have a method for the preparation of nuclei at different stages of growth. BioVision’s Yeast Nuclei Isolation kit enables fast and easy purification of nuclei from yeast cells, utilizing yeast cell wall lysis and homogenization.


#Cat + SizeK289-50 (Size: 50 assays)
Detection MethodN/A
Special ReactivityN/A
Applications•DNA-Protein interaction, RNA-Protein interaction and Protein-
•Protein interaction studies
•DNase I footprinting analysis, Enzymatic Assays and Pull-down assay
•Western blot and ELISA
Features & Benefits• Simple, rapid and easy method to purify yeast nuclei.
Kit Components• Buffer A • Buffer B • 1 M DTT • Homogenization Buffer • Lysis Enzyme Mix • Buffer N • Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (Lyophilized)
Storage Conditions -20°C
Shipping Conditions Gel Pack
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


Are the yeast cells fixed by buffer A or they still live till the end of the protocol (almost 0.5 hours)?
The cells are intact after buffer A resuspension. The buffer A treatment helps solubilize some sugars in the yeast cell wall and helps in the lysis at the next step. The lysis enzyme mix in buffer B helps to break the cell wall/plasma membrane.

What is the exact volume of sample required for this assay?
There is no specific volume we can recommend for the amount any sample to be used since it is completely sample concentration and quality based. You have to do a pilot expt with multiple sample volumes to determine the optimal volume which gives a reading within the linear range of the standard curve. Please refer to the citations for this product to see what other clients have used with similar sample types.

Do you have trial sizes of this kit?
Unfortunately, we do not have trial sizes of this kit available. However, if you are based in the US or Canada, we will give you a 10% off list price introductory discount on its purchase price. If you are based out of this area please contact your regional BioVision distributor.

What is the shelf life of this kit?
BioVisions’s assay kits expire 6 months from the date of shipment. Some components of the kit may expire sooner as mentioned in the data sheet

Can we purchase individual components of this kit?
Yes, you can purchase any of the kit's components without the whole kit. Please refer to the component Cat #s mentioned on the datasheet for ordering.

Can we use an alternate buffer for sample preparation (cell lysis, sample dilutions etc)?
Our assay buffers are optimized for the reactions they are designed for. They not only contain some detergents for efficient lysis of your cells/tissue, but also contain some proprietary components required for the further reactions. Therefore, we highly recommend using the buffers provided in the kit for the best results.

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