Streptavidin coated 96-well Plate

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BioVision’s High Sensitivity Streptavidin plates (clear, 12x8-Well Strips), are ready-to-use biotin-binding microplates. Proprietary coating of the plates with highly pure streptavidin allows the user to detect biotin with high sensitivity and low background. The microplates are pre-blocked with BioVision’s unique blocking buffer. The plates allow detection of as low as 1 ng/ml biotinylated rabbit IgG. The plates are compatible with fluorescent, colorimetric or chemiluminescent detection, using biotinylated ligands such as biotin-labeled oligonucleotides, peptides /proteins or IgG etc.


Cat # +Size 6523-5
Size 5 Plates
Highlights • APPLICATIONS- These plates are useful for detecting Biotinylated proteins, oligonucleotides or IgG as low as 1 ng/ml. These pre-blocked plates are ready-to-use and are compatible with fluorescent, colorimetric or chemiluminiscent detection.
Storage Conditions -20°C
Shipping Conditions Gel Pack
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


When making the plate, what volume of streptavidin was used to coat the plate?
Coating volume was 100 µl.

What is maximum volume of biotin I can use?
Recommended maximum volume is 200 µl, since 200 µl of blocking solution was used in preparing the plate.

What was the volume used to block the wells?
Blocking solution volume is 200 µl

What buffer can I use for incubation of biotin?
PBS, TBS should be OK. Milk and BSA do not affect biotin binding. Gelatin or PVP should be fine as well but we have not tested it.

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