The Select-a-Size MagBeads selectively binds fragments based on the volume of buffer added relative to the sample. Simply choose a desired cutoff to bind the target of interest onto the beads and remove species outside of this range. The desired DNA is easily eluted from the beads following a rapid wash regimen. Choose from one of the pre-determined cutoffs or fine tune the protocol for even more specific selections between these points. Size selections can be performed in as little as 10 minutes to yield high-quality DNA which is suitable for highly sensitive applications including Next Generation Sequencing, and any other sensitive downstream applications. The protocol can be performed manually or using an automated platform for high throughput processing.


‘2.5 Sequence variations at the Ctnnb1 exon 2 were detected by amplification of this locus using 20 ng template DNA with primers listed in .. The PCR product was purified using a DNA Clean and Concentrator Kit (Zymo Research, Irvine, CA, USA) and direct cycle sequenced using the Applied Biosystems Big Dye Terminator V3.1 (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waltham, MA, USA).. The sequences were determined with an Applied Biosystems 3130xl Genetic Analyzer (Thermo Fisher Scientific).’

Cancer Sci – Published 13 Jan 2019

‘hereafter referred to as Paenibacillus strain MBD-MB06, was then cultured in LB medium without fungicide, and a permanent Glycerol stock was stored at − 80 °C. . High molecular weight DNA was cleaned up with the DNA Clean & Concentrator kit (Zymo Research).. The genomic DNA library for the Illumina platform was generated using Nextera XT (Illumina Inc.) according to the manufacturer’s instructions.’

Microbiome – Published 22 Dec 2018

‘After elution, the sample was topped up to 100 μL with 0.1x IDTE.. An additional cleanup with the Zymo Select-a-Size DNA Clean & Concentrator column (Zymo Research) was performed, as per the manufacturer’s instructions.. A 5:1 binding buffer to ethanol ratio was used to select the desired product size.’

PLoS One – Published 5 Dec 2018

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Select-a-Size MagBead Set

Cat # Name Size
D4084-10 Select-a-Size MagBead Set 10 ml
D4084-50 Select-a-Size MagBead Set 50 ml