ReCAP™ Capillary Regeneration Kit for 3130 series

ReCAP™ Capillary Regeneration Kit for 3130 series

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Catalog# CAR-3130

Variants:3130 series

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Revitalize old and failing capillaries

The kit contains 4 different buffer solutions, to be applied sequentially to the pump blocks and capillaries via the instrument’s inbuilt Water Wash Wizard protocol

Click-in bottles for 3130 / 3130xl Genetic Analyzers, 4 or 16 capillairy arrays.

Premium features

With ReCap™ maintain optimal performance, restore failing arrays to like new, see immediate data quality improvements and avoid the costs of purchasing a new array.

The ReCap Array Regeneration Kit offers a way to completely rejuvenate the resolution of a failing capillary in a quick and easy workflow. It can revitalize your old capillaries and create significant savings.

✔ Complete rejuvenation

✔ Pump channels, Polymer block and tubing cleaning

✔ Yellow & Red haze background removal




“Using ReCap reagents we got all capillaries recovered.”

We are very impressed with this regeneration kit. The reagents did not only regenerate the capillary, but also cleared the block and connecting tubes. The signals are really wonderful.

This array was rather new (700 runs) but got dried out by accident. Two capillaries could get recovered by several repeated loading, but the other two could not. Using ReCap reagents we got all capillaries recovered.

Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf

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