Zymo Research offers Rattler Plating Beads to save the researcher time and effort when plating bacteria or yeast. The sterile glass beads are simply poured onto solid plated medium together with a liquid cell suspension, and the mixture is shaken to distribute the cells evenly over the medium’s surface. This allows for numerous plates to be processed quickly and efficiently. Pour the Rattler Beads onto a series of plates, stack, and shake simultaneously in a side-to-side motion. The beads can be easily removed following inversion of the plates and pouring off from the plate lids. Using the Rattler Plating Beads is simple, easy, and saves you time. The beads come sterile in polycarbonate bottles and can be reused following cleaning and washing.

Technical Specifications
Material Solid, glass 4.5 mm beads that can be washed, autoclaved, and reused.
Packaging The sterile format is supplied in a polycarbonate, autoclavable wide mouth bottle. The bulk format is supplied non-sterile as a 25 kg bag.
Product Storage Room Temperature
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The 230 g bottle contains approximately 1800 beads (one bead weighs 128 mg).

To re-use the rattler beads, simply wash the beads first with bleach, and then rinse with water before autoclaving.


‘For growth rates 0.3 and 0.7 h−1 , two independent chemostat and starvation runs were performed.. Samples were diluted in fresh N− C− minimal medium without carbon substrate and spread on LB Agar using Rattler Plating Beads (Zymo Research, Irvine, CA, USA).. LB Agar was supplemented with 25 μg ml−1 of 2,3,5‐triphenyltetrazolium chloride to stain colonies and increase contrast for automated colony counting (Scan 1200, Interscience, Saint‐Nom‐la‐Bret_che, France) of 100–200 colonies per..’

Mol Syst Biol -Published 5 Jun 2020

‘The broth culture was centrifuged at 9,000 ×g and supernatant were used for preparation of methanol extract.. Meanwhile, YME broth cultures of PCS pathogenic Streptomyces strains were spread on YME agar plates with RattlerTM plating beads (Zymo Research Cooperation, United States), separately.. 25 μL methanolic extract of antagonistic Streptomyces were poured on filter paper disks and placed on YME- agar plates previously spread with pathogenic PCS suspension.’

Front Microbiol -Published 8 Feb 2019

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Rattler Plating Beads

Cat # Name Size
S1001 Rattler Plating Beads 1 Bottle (230g)
S1001-5 Rattler Plating Beads 5 Bottles
S1001-B Rattler Plating Beads – bulk format (non-sterile) 25 kg bag