Potassium ferricyanide

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Cat.#: PD0442


 Size: 100g
 CAS:  [13746-66-2]
 Grade:  Reagent
 DG: No
 Storage:  18 to 25C
 Sterile: No
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PD0442 100g

Product Details

Product Description:   Potassium ferricyanide: Potassium ferricyanide is an inorganic coordination compound that is used in such applications as photography, blueprints, the staining of wood, the dyeing of wool, the tempering of iron and steel, and electroplating. In organic chemistry, potassium ferricyanide may be utilized in the á-cyanation of nitro compounds, the addition of dihydroxy groups across double bonds, and the oxidation of N,N’-diarylhydrazines to azo compounds. Potassium ferricyanide has been used to prepare peptide disulfides from a starting nonapeptide dithiol. The stimulation of mitogenesis in PC12 cells by potassium ferricyanide has been investigated. Potassium ferricyanide has been used as an electron acceptor in redox studies of enzymes such as methionine synthase reductase and Xenopus laevis (6-4) photolyase. Glycolate oxidation in plant and algal chloroplasts has been studied with potassium ferricyanide as an electron acceptor. Potassium ferricyanide has been used as a paramagnetic shift reagent to probe the lysine microenvironments in the lipid-free and lipid-associated states of apolipoprotein E.

Total Product Size:   100g/ 500g

Individual Container Size:   100g/ 500g

Number of Containers:   1

Shipping Conditions:    RT

UNSPSC Code:    12352103

UNSPSC Category:    Organometallic Compounds

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