NADH disodium salt, trihydrate, reduced

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Cat.#: NB0642


 Size: 1g
 CAS: [606-68-8]
 Grade:  Reagent
 DG: No
 Storage:  (-15 to -20)C
 Sterile: No
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NB0642 1g

Product Details

Product Description:    NADH disodium salt, trihydrate, reduced: β-NADH, a pyridine nucleotide and biologically active form of nicotinic acid, is a coenzyme necessary for the catalytic reaction of certain enzymes. β-NAD+ is a carrier for hydride ion, forming β-NADH. The hydride ion is enzymatically removed from a substrate molecule by the action of dehydrogenases such as, malic dehydrogenase and lactic dehydrogenase. These enzymes catalyze the reversible transfer of a hydride ion from malate or lactate to β-NAD+, forming the reduced product, β-NADH. Unlike β-NAD+ which has no absorbance at 340 nm, β-NADH absorbs at 340 nm. The increase in absorbance (with the formation of β-NADH) or the decrease in absorbance (with the formation β-NAD+) is the basis for measurement of activity of many enzymes at 340 nm.Many metabolites and enzymes of biological interest are present in tissues at low concentrations. With the use of β-NADH as a cofactor and several enzymes in a multistep system, known as enzyme cycling, much greater sensitivity for detection of these components is achieved. β-NADH is fluorescent whereas β-NAD+ is not. This difference in fluorescence provides a sensitive fluorescent measurement of the oxidized or reduced pyridine nucleotides at concentrations down to 10- M. Discussion of optimizing the fluorescence intensity and identification of interfering substances has been reported. β-NADH should be stored desiccated and protected from light.

Total Product Size:   250mg/1g/5g

Individual Container Size:   1g/5g

Number of Containers:   1

Shipping Conditions:    ICE

UNSPSC Code:     41106305

UNSPSC Category:     Nucleotides

Extra Info.:     Refrigeration Requirements: Freezer          


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