Minute™ Single Nuclei and Cytosol Isolation Kit for Adipose Tissues/Cultured Adipocytes (20 preps)

Minute™ Single Nuclei and Cytosol Isolation Kit for Adipose Tissues/Cultured Adipocytes (20 preps)

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Adipocytes are the major energy storage sites in the body and they also have critical endocrine functions. Therefore, understanding the development and function of adipocytes is essential to understanding metabolic homeostasis under physiological and pathological conditions. Fractionation of cellular components into single nucleus and cytosolic fraction is a common practice in the lab. However, when it comes to adipocytes, separation of these two fractions is much more difficult because of the high concentration of lipid droplets and low protein content of adipocytes. Methods reported in the literature are tedious and time-consuming and as much as 50 grams of tissue are required. This kit provides a very rapid and simple method for obtaining high purity single nuclei from adipose tissues, and most important of all, only milligram amounts of tissues are required making it possible to isolate nuclei and cytosol from small animals and biopsy samples. The intact nuclei isolated have many applications such as single nucleus RNA sequencing (snRNA-seq), SDS-PAGE, immunoblotting, ELISA, IP, protein localization, gel mobility shift assays, 2-D gels, and other applications.

Kit Includes

Items Quantity
N/C Buffer 15 ml
1.5 ml Eppendorf Tubes 20 Units
Filter Cartridge with 2 ml Collection Tubes 20 Units
Pestle for 1.5 ml Eppendorf Tubes 2 Units


1. Rajbhandari, P., Arneson, D., Feng, A. C., Ahn, I. S., Diamante, G., Zaghari, N., ... & Smale, S. T. (2019). Single Cell Analysis Reveals Immune Cell-Adipocyte Crosstalk Regulating the Transcription of Thermogenic Adipocytes. bioRxiv, 669853.

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