Magnum FLX™24 SKU: A000440

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Magnum FLX™24concentric ring magnetSKU: A000440

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Unprecedented flexibility for large volume, magnetic bead-based extractions

The Magnum FLX24 employs solid-core concentric ring magnet architecture that enables up to 30% faster separation times and the ability to elute in as little as 40 μl.


The isolation of cell free DNA (cfDNA) from serum and plasma requires both the use of large liquid volumes and low elution volumes. 
The Alpaqua Magnum FLX24 magnet plate is uniquely suited for all of these applications. The Magnum FLX24 magnet plate is designed to be compatible with most round, conical, and pyramid bottom 24 well deep well blocks, allowing the user maximum flexibility in labware choices.