Low Elution Magnet Plate

Low Elution Magnet Plate

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Elute in as Little as 8µL

The LE Magnet Plate is designed for automated pipetting of 96-well PCR plates when elution volumes need to be kept at a minimum to ensure the highest possible product concentration.

This plate allows you to elute in as little as 8-10 µl. The LE Magnet Plate contains a unique plate docking structure and is designed for use with a variety of 96-well PCR plates.

Premium features

Use the LE Magnet Plate when your starting material is limited, but your workflow requires a minimum product concentration. Elute in just 8-10 µl and skip the SpeedVac step!

Despite the smaller magnets, the full working volume of the plate can be utilized.

✔ Maximize product concentration

✔ Minimize reaction volume

✔ Spring Cushion Technology for easy automation

✔ SBS footprint for liquid handler compatibility

✔ Compatible with a broad range of PCR plates





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