iX-Pure™ DyeTerminator Cleanup kit, 100 preps SKU:IXP-100

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 iX-Pure™ DyeTerminator Cleanup kit, 100 preps100 prepsSKU: IXP-100

Product Information

Resin based DyeTerminator removal

Cycle sequencing cleanup
The iX-Pure™ DyeTerminator Cleanup kit purifies the cycle-sequencing reaction by removing unwanted components such as salt ions, unincorporated dye terminators and dNTPs. This prevents their co-injection with your sequencing products


The kit consists of two reagents:
–       iX-Pure Resin
–       iX-Pure Activator

These reagents can be added as a premix or sequentially. Cleanup is complete in under 40 minutes and requires less than 10 minutes of hands-on time.