IDseek® OmniSTR™ Global Autosomal STR Profiling Kit, 96 rxn

IDseek® OmniSTR™ Global Autosomal STR Profiling Kit, 96 rxn

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Catalog# IDS-ASTR96

Variants:96 rxn

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Product Information

IDseek® OmniSTR™ Global Autosomal STR Profiling Kit

Intended use
Reverse Complement (RC-PCR) based MPS library prep solution for autosomal STRs relative to establishing identity of missing persons, confirm familial relations, and link persons of interest to crime scenes. Covering all relevant STR core loci from USA, EU, Germany, UK, and Interpol.

RC-PCR provides multiplex targeted amplification, sequencing indexing and adaptor addition occuring simultaneously in a single closed tube reaction.

All amplicons are designed to meet the shortest possible fragment lengths and are compatible with illumina® MiSeq™ systems, with 2x 10 bp Unique Dual Index reads.

IDseek® Kits have been tested with Tannic Acid and Humic Acid. RC-PCR technology allows the reliable analysis of highly degraded samples frequently found in forensic casework.

Premium features

IDseek® Reagents and Consumables

Sequence-ready libraries
IDseek® comprises a complete solution of reagents and consumables required for generating sequence-ready MPS libraries for Forensic applications.

IDseek® components
IDseek® reagents and consumables required for 96 reactions:

- RC-PCR Probe Mix
- RC-PCR HiFi 2x Hotstart PCR Mastermix
- Dehydrated Pre-spotted Unique Index Primer Plate
- Probe Dilution Buffer
- AmpliClean™ Cleanup, Magnetic Beads

A magnet compatible with 1.5 mL/2.0 mL centrifuge tubes is recommended for use with the AmpliClean™ Magnetic Bead Cleanup.

Premium features:

The OmniSTR™ Kit is a single reaction, multiplex library prep kit for autosomal STR profiling, including all the US and European expanded core loci, plus SE33, D4S2408, D6S1043, D9S1122, D17S1301, D20S482, PentaD, PentaE and DYS391. All targets have been designed for short amplicons, while maintaining the most informative sites in the flanking regions.

All amplicons in NimaGen’s STR multiplex kits are designed to meet the shortest possible fragment lengths and are compatible with Illumina® MiSeq™ systems, with 2 x 10 bp Unique Dual Index reads. This combination of state-of-the-art features with the possibility for automated data analysis without human intervention makes this kit the ideal solution for the transition from CE to MPS.

🗸 Sensitive: 100% of markers called, down to 60 pg of DNA input
🗸 Marker balance optimized for 1 ng input DNA, with limited impact on low inputs down to 60 pg
🗸 High on-target read percentage, even with low input
🗸 Robust and inhibitor tolerant, tested for Humic Acid, Tannic Acid, Bacterial DNA





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