Human Identification and Sample tracking kit SKU: SKU: RC-HEST096

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Human Identification and Sample tracking kittracking kitSKU: SKU: RC-HEST096

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EasySeq RC-PCR

EasySeqTM Human ID and Sample Tracking kit is a single-tube multiplex assay, containing an optimized panel of 34 SNPs and Amelogenin X and Y, to be utilized as intrinsic identifiers from human genomic DNA.

High discriminatory power

In Exome Sequencing and Genome Sequencing, complex sample preparation workflows and challenges handling multiple NGS samples make misidentification of samples at any stage of the analytical process a recognizable concern. A method for independent confirmation of sample identity is therefore highly desirable, preferably using an identification method that is intrinsic in the WGS/WES data of the biological sample and simple to incorporate into the existing workflow