Hemocyanin-Keyhole Limpet (KLH), Native

Hemocyanin-Keyhole Limpet (KLH), Native

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Catalog# 6288

Size: 25 mg

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Hemocyanins are proteins that use copper binding sites to bind and transport oxygen in a variety of arthropods and mollusks. Hemocyanin is isolated from the hemolymph of the animals. Hemocyanin is one of the strongest antigens known. Hemocyanin has been in use as an immunological reagent for many years. It is used as a carrier protein for antibody production against antigens. Recent advances in immunology and the role immune system plays in diseases have opened a whole new era of product development activities aimed at developing novel therapeutics which is aimed at teaching the body's immune system to fight diseases like cancer, AIDS, etc. The approach involves the use of highly immunogenic molecule like the hemocyanin for non-specific immunostimulation (NSI) or active specific immunostimulation (ASI) using conjugate vaccines, wherein the tumor (disease) specific antigens are covalently bound to carrier protein like KLH and the product used in human clinical studies. Such products are termed “vaccines”. BioVision’s KLH subunits powder has major advantages associated with it, in terms of flexibility of use, the choice of buffer in early developmental studies and avoidance of issues associated with reconstitution of dry powder. These subunits are highly pure and have low endotoxin content.


Cat # +Size 6288-25
Size 25 mg
Alternate Name KLH, keyhole limpett hemocyanin, hemocyanin, Megathura crenulata hemocyanin
Gene Symbol KLH
Source Megathura crenulata, Giant keyhole limpet
Appearance Liquid
Physical Form Description 25 mg in phosphate buffered saline, pH 7.2, containing 1 mM calcium chloride and 0.5 mM magnesium chloride with 15 mM sodium azide as preservative. The liquid may appear faint blue to blue with some haziness due to particulates from the native source.
Molecular Weight 370 kDa (One major band)
Handling Centrifuge the vial prior to opening.
Storage Conditions 2-8°C
Shipping Conditions Gel Pack
USAGE For Research Use Only! Not to be used in humans



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