EasySeq™ SARS-CoV-2 WGS Library Prep Kit, 384 rxn

EasySeq™ SARS-CoV-2 WGS Library Prep Kit, 384 rxn

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Catalog# RC-COV384

Variants:384 Reactions

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RC-PCR, the next revolution in NGS Library Prep

Generate Whole Genome Sequencing data from cDNA, derived from Covid-19 positive tested patients.

Compatible with any low- and mid throughput illumina® NGS sequencer of the latest generations: iSeq®, MiniSeq®, MiSeq®, NextSeq®, in combination with 2×150 bp paired-end read chemistry.

Premium features

High performance, great value

✔ The simplicity and security of RC-PCR.

✔ Single pre-PCR reaction setup – Just add cDNA and Mastermix to UDI index plates and go. Post- PCR pool all samples, perform single clean-up reaction, QC, quantify and sequence.

✔ Hands on time 60 minutes, RCPCR and bead clean-up.

✔ Ideal for HTP automation.

✔ Less handling steps, less risk of contamination or sample mix up, greater safety and reassurance.


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What is the maximum Ct value for a positive sample to be able to sequence?

– We tested the kit with samples of Ct32 or lower. For samples with Ct <25 we recommend to dilute the cDNA



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