dGTP BrilliantDye™ Terminator (v1.1) Cycle Sequencing kit (1000 rxn) SKU: BRDG1-1000

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 dGTP BrilliantDye™ Terminator (v1.1) Cycle Sequencing kit (1000 rxn)1000 rxnSKU: BRDG1-1000

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The dGTP BrilliantDye Cycle Sequencing Kit is optimized for sequencing through GT- and G-rich templates.

The dGTP BrilliantDye Terminator Kit replaces dITP with dGTP, enabling you to read through difficult-to-sequence templates by reducing early signal loss.


Compatible with ABI genetic analyzers of the 310, 3100, 3130, 3500, 3730 and SeqStudio series.
Can be mixed with BrilliantDye v1.1 for optimal results.