ColOff (Stool Collection Device)


Cat # Name Size
R1101-2-5 ColOff (Stool Collection Device) 5 pack


  •  Hygienic, sterile, disposable, comfortable (used in the physiological position)
  • Easy to use and safe device for patients
  • Increased infection control whilst minimizing specimen contamination.

The ColOff® device, a stool collection facilitator device, is a plastic sleeve for the toilet seat used for tests which use stool as the sample source. ColOff® is a disposable device that facilitates the stool collection in a physiological position (sitting on the toilet seat).

technical specification

Material Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic Film (HDPE). Inert and Non-toxic.
Size 5 pack. Single use only.
Sterilization Gamma irradiation. Sterile unless opened or damaged.