Disposable Hemocytometer


A precision disposable plastic hemocytometer, designed to solve the inconvenient problems of conventional glass hemocytometer.

   ● Reduces the user’s risk of exposure to infectious or hazardous samples
   ● Increases efficiency by eliminating the need for washing or autoclaving components
   ● Light and sturdy construction and resistant to surface scratches or cracks
   ● Reliable and repeatable results with reusable method
   ● Grid pattern imprinted and plasma treated surface


   ● Cell counting (Erythrocyte, Leukocyte, Mammalian cell, etc.)
   ● Cell viability
   ● Measuring cell concentration

Grid Type
Pattern Depth
Neubauer Improved 100 um
Fuchs Rosenthal 200 um
Burker Turk 100 um
Semen Test 200 um

Curio C-Slide’s engraved pattern is the most popular grid pattern, Neubauer Improved (NI) (around 90%)

4-channel slide

  • ● Consists of four enclosed channels
    ● Pack of 50 single packaged slides
    ● Dimension : 25mm (W) x 75mm (L) x 2mm (T)
    ● Channel depth : 100 μm
    ● Channel volume : 20 μL 

Using disposable slides

c slide
50 Pcs/Box, 200 Tests

C-slide Brochure